Wakefield 2005 RISC OS Computing Show Pictures

From Edinburgh to Wakefield and back

Saturday 21st May 2005

A 5am start, cycle to Waverley station, two train journeys and a bus to get there but yes the trip was worth it. Made it in at 10.30am in perfect time for the first theatre presentation by Castle - and would have been there even earlier if I hadn't mistaken the cathedral for St. Michael's Church and walked the wrong way from Westgate station... oops...
On arrival at the show venue, every stall was busy and things stayed like that the whole day. This proved frustrating for some who found software upgrades had sold out by the time they got to the stand! I spoke to a few show goers, one had bought an Iyonix, and chatted to a few of the exhibitors including Alan Gibson at Liquid Silicon - probably more about music stuff than computers and put faces to names.
The show saw the release of the A9Home from Advantage Six which has since been reported on Drobe and Slashdot.org! And apparently a MacOS version of Virtual RiscPC, which sadly I never got a chance to take a close look at.
I'm by no means a regular attender at RISC OS shows - only ever made it to one of the South West shows and Harrogate back in 1993 I think(!) but I was busy all day and it was 5pm and time to go before I knew it. Just enough time to help someone at the entrance push their broken-down car off the road, grab a bite to eat and nip into PC World opposite Westgate station (for a free XP SP2 CD, honest!) before a long trip back north, with entertainment provided by errr.... French football hooligans singing and parading through the coaches with a video camera and a valiant but rather futile effort by GNER customer service to make an announcement in French regarding onward connections to Glasgow. Trust me they'd try anything to break the monotony of the journey :-)
The pictures here are mainly of the show presentations, loads of people were taking photos around the exhibition hall.


Picture thumbnails: 21st May
Matt Edgar of Advantage Six proudly holds up the A9 Matt Edgar and Sophie...


... hand out A9 product brochures to a packed theatre
The ARM9 machine running a preview version of RISC OS 32 Adjust. MPEG2 clip of the A9 booting up (successful the 2nd time!) A second movie clip showing familiar apps. running on the A9
The A9 machine on Advantage Six's stand, different case. Martin Würthner creates an invitation to his summer party... ... and adds a rainbow to a scenic landscape using Artworks 2.4
Mike Glover demonstrates old & new features of EasiWriter Pro 8.4 Macro expansion, table import, Word compatability, even right-to-left Hebrew text, multilingual hyphenation and spellchecking
Peter Naulls first taunts us with every known RISC OS browser ever written... ... before proudly firing up Firefox, 40 seconds later it finishes loading on his RISC PC The Mathmagical Software Company had the prettiest display of all the stalls


Govind Kharbanda 22 May 2005