This seminal correspondence is a testimony to a great friendship, showing how 'The Twain', the East and West, can indeed meet. In the compiled letters, one can see how Patrick Geddes, the Scots polymath and Rabindranath Tagore, the Indian Noel Laureate, exchange, comment on and share ideas on education, the environment, rural reconstruction, while they remain staunch Peace Warriors in a climate of mounting world conflict .

Book (190 page PDF, 149mm wide x 222mm height). Last edited 11:09 08 August 2005

Sample pages: 1-16, 162-178

Cover (Composite PDF, 3mm bleed)

Cover (Colour-separated PDF, 3mm bleed)

I typeset the book on RISC OS using TechWriter Pro+ from Icon Technology and ArtWorks2 from MW-Software. The LondonA font was obtained from the EFF Professional Typography2 CD for RISC OS.

The book is published in the UK by Word Power Books and was featured at the Edinburgh Book Festival on 29 August 2005. Pictures from launch event.

From left to right: Elaine Henry (Word Power), Govind Kharbanda (design and typesetting),
Bashabi Fraser (author), Tarlochan Gata-Aura (Word Power)

Govind Kharbanda 29 July 2005.